Gemstone Disclosure

Disclosure of treatments of Gemstones

We, at Ajanta Afrika Gems CC, hereby disclose the following treatments of precious and semi-precious gemstones sold by us.

It is acknowledged that the treatment of heat, is not required to be disclosed, as any process that imitates or duplicates a process that occurs naturally, does not specifically have to be disclosed.

We do not sell any stones that have a coating or that are synthetic.


It is generally known in the industry and an acceptable “treatment” that oil (in our case Johnsons baby oil) is used during the sorting of rough and cutting of emeralds (into faceted or polished stones or beads), and therefor traces will be found in our Emeralds. It is also further known that most Emeralds in the world markets do contain traces of oil. It is also advised by some in the trade, that the use of oil (Johnsons baby oil) to maintain your Emerald, since Emeralds due to their natural
included nature, do dry out, and like other stones (for example Opals) will be better preserved and kept in such a way.

Our Emeralds are in no way color enhanced or stablized.

Topaz – Sky / London / Swiss




Green Onyx & Blue Chalcedoney

These stones are dyed


It is specifically noted that due to the continuous or regular exposure of (bright) light, the color of Kunzite can fade.


Ethopian Opal should not be worn regularly in warm water, for example shower, and care should be taken with chemicals on hands, as the color can fade. Ethiopian opal’s natural formation (hydrophane opal) means that the opals have a propensity to absorb water and change from opaque to translucent or transparent in humid or aqueous environments.

It is also suggested that other opals, as they do have a tendency to “dry out” in storage, be cleaned with a damp cloth. As opals are also porous they should never be immersed in water to clean.

Working in manufacturing with and setting of Gemstones

It is further noted that the client accepts that when any stone leaves our premises, it has been checked for any damage (scratches, chips, or marks) and also for being the correct weight and measurements, and the client accepts the stone as such. If by using a gemstone from Ajanta Afrika Gems CC, pressure, heat, ultra sonic cleaner, chemicals or any other method in the manufacturing process alters the state of the gemstone, it is the risk and responsibility of the client who purchase the stone, and that there is no guarantee on any gemstone against damage, blemish, breakage or anything altering the state it was in when it left our office.

It should also be pointed out that since we deal with the trade, it is accepted that the Jeweller is a trained (in the Jewellery Trade and Manufacture) person / company, and has the proper education as to how gemstones need to be treated in manufacture, and that it is the responsibility of the buyer (manufacturer) to familiarize themselves with the required process acceptable for safe manufacturing.

In the interest of our clients (and this in no way constitute an overall instruction for all gemstones or any acceptance of risk by Ajanta Afrika Gems CC), we suggest the following regarding some of the gemstones we sell, as a precaution.

Gemstone that should not be placed in an Ultra Sonic

  • Tanzanite
  • Emerald
  • Black Diamond
  • Diamonds that have inclusion or a porous of nature
  • Opal
  • Coral
  • Pearls
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Turquoise

Gemstones that specifically to our knowledge should not have any heat applied

  • Black Diamonds
  • Diamonds that have inclusion or porous of nature
  • Emerald

We do also suggest that if you might be unsure about the risk to a gemstone before manufacture and setting, you should do the due diligence and research. You are welcome to contact us for
advice, or we can refer you to the nearest Gem Testing Lab.