Gemstones Care


Gemstones are cut in a process where rough crystal is polished to perfectly enhance the color, clarity and sparkle of the gem.  Much consideration is given to choose the best shape and cut to bring to life the true magic of the gem.  This is specifically the case with color stones, to capture the greater concentration of color for perfect appearance from the gem’s surface.

The shape, the type of cut and facets chosen to give life and display the absolute beauty of each stone is a true art.

From below the surface of the earth, the rough stone transformed into a polished gem to be worn in the jewellery that adorn us, the symbol of our love and commitment to another.  Gems have a strong connection to origin and through the ages have had meanings attributed to them, spiritually and as talismans, protection and bringers of good luck.

Gems are valued by their beauty, brilliance, intensity of color, durability and rarity.

  • Here at Ajanta Afrika we only deal in natural gemstones. Gemstones are naturally formed through pressure and heat. There are certain treatments of gems that are generally accepted and not specifically mentioned, as they imitate a process that happens naturally in the formation of these stones. Most gems are heat treated to enhance color, and very often it

  • would rather especially be noted as “not being heat treated” to make the distinction. Treatments such as radiation or irradiation is also common. Treatments that are permanent, do not require special care, and does not have a significant effect on the value of the stone does not necessarily require disclosure, but in our opinion it is always better to know about your gemstones.

  • Ruby and Sapphire are mostly heated and specifically mentioned when “not heated” 

  • Tanzanite almost always heated

  • Aquamarine mostly heated

  • Morganite - almost always heated and some irradiated

  • Emerald - no heat, oil treatment

  • Tourmaline - frequently heated some colorless tourmalines are irradiated

  • Spinel - Not routinely treated

  • Diamonds - Black Diamonds are heated other color diamonds can be irradiated

  • Topaz - Yellow / Orange Topaz can be heated - Blues are irradiated mostly

  • Amethyst - generally not treated, but can be heated or irradiated

  • Garnet - no treatment

  • Peridot - not a common practice

  • Citrine - mostly heated

  • Iolite - no treatment

  • Color Quartz - mostly heated amethyst

  • Turquoise - mostly stabilized

  • It is important to note that special care needs to be taken when working with and setting certain gems, as some stones are more sensitive to heat and pressure in the jewellery making process and there is a risk of stones breaking, or being blemished if not handled correctly.  Not all stones are safe in an ultra sonic cleaner or when heat is applied on the metal and this touches the gem.

  • These stones should not be placed in an ultra sonic cleaner: Stones that are heavily Included, very soft, brittle or have been color treated or enhanced. (Opal, Turqoise, Pearls, Amber, Coral, Lapis Lazuli). We also specifically note: Emerald, Tanzanite, Black & other included Diamonds.

  • Great care should be taken when working with Unconventional Diamonds, for example Black Diamonds, due to their natural porosity can have a discoloration when placed in ultra sonic, or have a white blemish on surface when heat is applied too close to the stone, same goes for salt & pepper and other more included or mottled diamonds.